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Some of the work shown on this site is available exclusively through Etsy or eBay, on-line sale sites. If you are interested in purchasing any available item, a link has been provided which will either re-direct you to the item location or send you directly to PayPal, my preferred payment method, for immediate purchase.


To go directly to my Etsy store, please follow the link below:


Some jewelry items can be mounted using different findings (gold or silver) or different cords/bails for pendants. If you would like a change, please contact me at stonecarver@bonemasters.com or, if available, identify your request in the dialog box with a PayPal transaction. I do have different options for pendant bails which are too numerous to identify on the site. These can range from the inexpensive to greater expense. Changes from silver to gold findings on the earrings will not involve a price change!!

Unless otherwise noted, the gold-fill findings include (1) wire wrap using 14/20 gold-filled round wire, 1/2 hard, 24 gauge, (2) 14/20 gold-filled lever-back 0.32" ear wires, or (3) 14/20 gold-filled French-loop 0.32" ear wires. The silver findings include (1) wire wrap using sterling silver round wire 1/2-hard, 24 gauge, (2) sterling silver lever-back 0.30" ear wires, or (3) sterling silver French-loop 0.32" ear wires. If you would like any change to these earring mountings, I will do so at a nominal charge.

There is a wide variety of pinch bails that can be used for pendants with large holes drilled. Please contact me for details.

If you have any questions or would like more information or photographs of anything you see in this site, please contact me at stonecarver@bonemasters.com.

Only items that have a price identified are available for sale. If you have identified something you like but is no longer available, I will make every effort to reproduce it to your complete satisfaction.

If you are planning on purchasing more than one item, contact me at stonecarver@bonemasters.com and I will send you a revised invoice eliminating additional shipping charges. If you forget to do this, I will simply refund any unnecessary postage you have sent me.

I prefer PayPal (which allows credit card sales) for sales directly through this website; however, I will also take personal checks and money orders. With checks, the item you are interested in will be shipped as soon as the check clears.

If you find any problem with this website or its functions, please notify me so that I can address it!

Thank You!!
Kenneth Kolb
The StoneCarver


I am required to charge Utah Sales and Use Tax to all purchasers whose mailing address is in Utah.  When I see that your mailing address is in Utah, I need to send a revised invoice adding 0.067 (6.7%) for local taxes.

Thank You!


The shipping and handling costs identified via the "Buy Now" option are for US sales only! If your shipping address is not in the US, please contact me at stonecarver@bonemasters.com.  I will calculate the required charges and, if acceptable, send a revised invoice.

Thank You!

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