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Flower Tree

Flower Tree

One of the most difficult aspects of presenting my work is providing clear, accurate, color-true photography. This is especially true of large, multi-piece presentations. A photo of the entire piece in a frame diminishes the beautiful structural detail to a blur. In these cases, separate photos of each piece will be provided. If you do not feel that the photos are adequate, or that I have missed a specific side or angle of a piece, please contact me and I will be glad to provide additional photos and information.

"The Flower Tree" is part of a series I call my "Evolved Plant" series. These whimsical creations are designed to represent "evolved" plant life, but actually resemble many microscopic plant and animal forms as well as graceful forms typically found under the sea. They are fun to create and allow for a much greater variety with my stone carvings.

[Fig. SC-FT-1] 
Flower Tree (plus miscellaneous earrings) In Progress

[Fig. SC-FT--2] 
Flower Tree In Progress

These photos show the preliminary stages of this project. First, there is the idea, which may require numerous drawings to fine-tune. Then, the appropriate bone must be determined. There are many different color combinations possible, but this requires that the available stock be of adequate size so that no fractures are incorporated into the finished piece. The shapes are sketched onto the bone, sawed out, then ground to the required profile. The pieces are then "dopped" onto a nail or wooden dowel handle and ground/sanded/polished to a high glossy finish.

[Fig. SC-FT-3] 
Flower Tree In Progress

[Fig. SC-FT-4] 
Flower Tree In Progress

Flower Tree Stem 1/3
Flower Tree Stem 2/3
Flower Tree Stem 3/3

Follow the links to view the stem pieces and petals at their maximum magnification. The fabulous detail in these pieces is more apparent the closer you look! The very finest agatized bone was used. Future versions of this piece may be made, but there will never ever be another one with the exact same color scheme.

The actual size of the "stem" is ≈4-3/4" x 3/4". The actual size of the larger "petals" is ≈1-1/2" x 13/16". The overall size of the complete stone piece is slightly larger than 6" x 3". The final size with the frame is 11-1/8" x 14-7/8".

Because of the difficulties photographing highly polished material, several "anomalies" have shown up. In each photo below, there is a reflection that could be mistaken for a fracture. Not So!! There are no fractures in any of the components making up this piece!

[Fig. SC-FT-Petal-1] 
Flower Tree Petal
[Fig. SC-FT-Petal-3] 
Flower Tree Petal

[Fig. SC-FT-Petal-2] 
Flower Tree Petal

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