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Shaman VII is approximately 6" tall by 2" wide. It is backed with a solid laminated slab for permanent stability. Total thickness is ≈ 1/2".
The Companion or Ghost figures are approximately 3" x 1" x  >1/4".
The finest quality fracture-free, agatized dinosaur bone (i.e., "gembone") is used for each and every piece.
Each piece is beautifully contoured then finished with a master polish.

Some photos may have reflection lines that look like fractures; however, no fractured material was used in the making of these beauties!

Framed Shaman VII
The colors are fairly accurate. As seen, the frame is a darker brown with a grainy (sandy) texture.

Photos of the work in progress. The outlines of each piece have been completed and are now ready for shaping.

Shaman VII shaped and ready for sanding/polishing.

All four Shamans completed.

Because photographing these highly polished figures is quite difficult, multiple photos of the Shaman, taken with different lighting and backgrounds,
are presented here.
Photos with visible reflection lines provide an idea of the polish and contouring of each piece. 
Photos with no reflection show color and structure, but look as though they are flat pieces, which they are definitely not.

Companion figure, also known as the "Ghost" figure.

Close-up of the inlaid necklace.

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